July 04, 2017

Very excited to be able to announce that filming is complete on Kpali, a Nigerian feature film in which I play the lead Jake Hunter. The story follows a young London based investment banker, who is suddenly taken to Nigeria with his female colleague Amaka Kalayor. He must come to terms with all the challenges Nigeria has to throw at him, including the food, the business deal of his life, and even more scarily, Amaka's father. 

It was an absolute pleasure to get a taste of the "Nollywood" film scene, and indeed overcome many of the real life challenges Nigeria has to offer! The film is set for release in October 2017. 

Prisoner (Coming June 2017)

March 30, 2017

Very excited to be a part of the first series of films produced by Oxford Brookes' new film making degree. 

Prisoner follows the story of young German soldier Bertram Ackermann, who finds himself questioning his orders when faced with the harsh reality of war. 

Challenged myself on this with an accent I have never performed with before. It will be interesting to see what the finished effect is. 

Still Timothy

January 20, 2017

Growing up on a council estate and wanting to get into the rap game, Timothy must take on an alter ego if he's going to be accepted by his nemesis MC DENZ. 

They said it couldn't be done... But yes, this boy from Oxford won a rap battle. This shoot was hilarious from start to finish. The snapback budget alone was incredible. 

My Own Trailer!

January 22, 2017

A really surreal moment as I turned up on The Mall just outside Buckingham Palace to find I had been given my own trailer and PA! Not much can be said about the project, but it was a huge opportunity to work with a very well known director. This is how becoming a diva begins... 


September 20, 2016

A great shoot with EyeEye Media up in Manchester! Believe it or not, this was filmed in an amazingly sophisticated flight simulator in an industrial unit. Really odd feeling! Check out the full commercial on their website -

Plus, got some feedback that long hair makes me look remarkably like Crispin Glover... Not sure how to take that!

Sleepless Nights and City Lights

April 13, 2016

Yet another high quality film with Bournemouth University. The equipment and expertise these guys have at their disposal is truly incredible! This shoot saw us shooting a period piece (1950s) complete with costume, props and sets all from the era. Director/Producer Conner Pearce really pushed the boat out on this noire film - the final edit should be available in June. 

Buckley, a young detective in the town of Buckfastleigh, has discovered an unusual level of activity in the normally quiet town. When he starts to ask questions, he finds that the trail goes far deeper than he first imagined. 

The Mirror

April 08, 2016

Delighted to have worked with The Met Film School on another graduate film project, this time directed by Marta Palamidessi. This shoot had challenging levels of intimacy, but was made an absolute breeze by great professionalism. Not to mention working with the amazing Barbara van Schaik of Imaginarium Studios as DoP! 

This film follows the story of a young woman and her affair following a chance meeting at a New Year's Eve party. Will she still recognise the person staring back at her?

Headshot Session with the Amazing Edo Brugué

February 25, 2016

Edo has worked as photographer and producer on worldwide commercial brands such as Ford, Nike, Marks & Spencer, Sony and many more.

Room to Rent

February 19, 2016

When a young woman moves in with Nicholas, she realises his relationship with his wife isn't everything it seems. Will she realise the truth in time? 


This exciting thriller was great fun to shoot - The University of Bournemouth always have great equipment and fabulously professional crews. Can't wait to show the final product!

999 Killer on the Line

December 31, 2015

With a killer on the loose and a young girl dead, it's the job of one Minnesota Cop (played by me) to reveal the truth behind her murder. Spend three days watching Fargo to attempt the accent for this! We'll see which attempts make the cut! To be broadcast on the Crime & Investigation Network in 2016.

Game of Death - Will Marko play?

November 25, 2015

Director Matthew Stallard brings an exciting dark script in which a new social media craze is testing how far we might go for fame and fortune. Will Marko do what is right?

Torin plays Marko, a young barista desperate to escape his dreary existence. When his best friend Patrick comes to visit, they begin to plan his escape.

O2 Touch Rugby

September 20, 2015

Had an absolute blast as an O2 Touch Ambassador promoting O2 and England Rugby's new initiative. Mixing touch rugby with great music made it a really fun day - and I get to prove to guys back at the club that I can actually play! 

Torin returns from Los Angeles

November 23, 2014

With the opportunity to fly out to Los Angeles to audition for new CBS drama, I stayed in the states to imbibe the culture of the capital of the film industry. 


I would recommend that any actor who is serious about the film industry and has the opportunity should travel to Los Angeles. The way of operating is very different to that of the UK - with more emphasis on classes and a business relationship it really helps you to focus your approach. 


Whilst in LA, I auditioned for some top agencies (and had several offers for Visa sponshorship!) and took part in lots of classes, some of which have UK branches that I still continue to attend. 


I also got some very 'Los Angeles' headshots, one of which you can see here! Be sure to check out some more of Bjoern's work below. 

Fresh Out

March 16, 2015

When Ron emerges from prison, he is ready to start his new life on the outside, but is his old life ready to accept him back?


This film was absolutely incredible to work on. The young crew had a real professionalism about them, and superb equipment.

Just Matthew - Forget

May 15, 2015

The video for LA based hip hop artist Just Matthew's single 'Forget'. 


Bringing the glamour of a Los Angeles hip hop track to the streets of Cheltenham certainly wasn't easy, but Matthew was thrilled with the 'English Drama' finished product. 


You can listen to the track on Just Matthew's website below.

SolarBox Advert

February 21, 2015

SolarBox is an exciting new way to recycle disused phone boxes in London. Backed by London Mayor Boris Johnson, SolarBox uses the power of the sun to create a phone charging station and a great way to share media. 



Aimee Spinks's Actor Spotlight

May 31, 2015

Aimee Spinks is a fantastic headshot and unit still photographer I have had the pleasure of working with many times now. She really knows how to get the shots an actor needs. 

She recently featured me in her Actor's Spotlight section - check out her review below!


And if you need your headshots renewed, be sure to visit her website.

Three Eyes

September 28, 2015

London based director Luke O'Brien's new project Three Eyes explores the concept of a digital triptych - three screens showcasing three points of view all at the same time. 


This shoot was a little complicated, but was great fun! And we we're all thrilled with the final product. 


Be sure to check out Luke's company The Reves One below.

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