About Me


After getting my degree in politics in 2014, I have taken on acting full time, gaining credits in feature film, television and music videos - and have loved every second! From multi-million pound projects to students in a skate park, I have always got the same excitement from making ideas come to life. 


The focus of my career thus far has been emulating my on screen idols, such as Oliver Reed, Christian Bale and Tom Hardy. These British greats epitomise what I strive for, which is an unerring determination and a passion for bringing a role to life. Be it in a feature film or a student film, my excitement always comes from helping directors realise their vision and pass on the story. These idols also give an insight into my ideal roles, which tend to have a sinister yet classy edge.


In my spare time I enjoy football and rugby, and get to the gym at least three times a week.